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The best way to create a stand out brand is to base your platform around what has been proven to sell while adding additional value to every single product you release.

There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel.  There are few untapped niches or “golden markets” out there. So doesn't it make sense to focus on the PROVEN markets where you can easily see the growing demand for printables? :) And of course, you want to focus on evergreen markets rather than trends that will fade out. Evergreen markets simply means that the demand for content in that niche will never die out.

Markets that are considered evergreen would be ones like:


* Self-Help & Well Being 

* Weight Loss & Fitness

* Self Improvement 

* Self Employment (Work at home, entrepreneurs etc)

And therefore, printables in those markets are likely to always sell! As for what kind of printables to create, here are a few ideas:

* Business Goal Planners

* Organizational Sheets

* Task & Productivty Trackers

* Fitness Logs

* Meal Planners (based on specific diets, etc.)

Start by choosing an evergreen niche in the printable market and then spend time researching the different types of designs and layouts that are being sold. Then, match up designs and layouts with the niche as you'll quickly see that customers want specific layouts based on the purpose of the printables.

Example: For weight loss trackers, you'll want to include space for measurements to be recorded, carbs, calories as well as water intake.

Don't worry about choosing the "wrong" niche. There's no such thing! If you spend some time simply researching printables on places like Pinterest, you'll quickly discover what the top evergreen markets are. Just start with one and expand as you go. 

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