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If you really want to make the most money possible, you need to spend some time creating a stand-out brand. Your brand needs to be:

a) Consistent: 

Meaning, choose your color scheme and visual look and feel and stick with it throughout all your product images, your logo, shop banner, blog, etc.  This is very important! You want to always be consistent so that people begin to instantly recognize your brand the moment they see a color scheme or graphic. It's all in visual association and it'll go the distance in making your brand a memorable one. 

Think of the many brands in your everyday life that are recognizable just by a color scheme, logo or even font!

b) Attractive:  

Naturally, you want the look and feel of your brand to leave a great first impression. Customers will feel differently about color palettes and schemes and you’ll never please everyone, so don’t overthink it.  Your brand just needs to be attractive and professional. 

To start, spend some time researching existing brands in your printable niche. Don't copy! But use them as inspiration. Depending on your main niche, color schemes and pallettes will vary, but you'll quickly notice at least a loose trend. For example, a lot of Mom-based printable brands have chosen light pink color schemes that are easy on the eyes, or neutral schemes. So do your homework!

 c) Clear & Concise: 

You want people to understand exactly what you’re selling the moment they land on your Etsy shop or your own store or website. Everything about your storefront should be on brand, from your shop banner, logo, slogan and all your product listing graphics.  This includes using the same product template for all your featured listings and images. Remember, printables sell a dream of a better life: they represent organized, creative and successful people.  

They’re designed to help people improve the quality of their lives in some way. 
That’s what your brand needs to portray to be successful. You need to demonstrate how your printables will help your customer improve their lives and reach their goals.

 So, while your Etsy shop doesn’t need to cater to just one specific audience, it does need to emphasize how your printables help customers achieve their goals in one (or more) area of their lives.  That’s part of your brand.

Ask yourself:

* Who will your printables help?

* What areas of their life will improve if they

purchase your printables?

* What do you want to convey to potential

customers about your business?

* Why should they buy from you and not someone


Answer those questions and that's how you build a memorable brand. :)

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